Mitosis in animal cell

TASK 1: Mitotic index

PP: specimen from cell culture - "TK mitóza"

Observe the cells in five visual fields; count how many cells undergo mitosis and how many of them are in interphase and calculate mitotic index. In this specimen, you can also find monaster (cell in metaphase) and the anaphase bridge.

MITOTIC INDEX determines frequency of mitosis in plant or animal tissues (or in cell cultures).

MI (%) = M/N x 100 where M = number of mitotic cells, N = total number of cells.

TASK 2: Mitosis in histologic section of small intestine

PP: small intestine of laboratory rat - "mitóza střevo", stained with haematoxylin eosin.

Observe the cross-section of the small intestine under small and then use a higher magnification. In the intestinal villi you can find mitotic dividing cells.


Fig.: Mitosis in intestinal villi of small intestine.

TASK 3: Mitosis in histologic section of uterus

PP: uterus of laboratory rat - "mitóza uterus", stained with haematoxylin-eosin

Observe the cross-section of the uterus under small and then higher magnification. Mitotic dividing cells can be found in uterine mucosa.


Fig.: Mitosis in mucosa of uterus.

TASK 4: Mitosis in histological section of testes

PP: testes of laboratory rat - "varle krysa", stained with haematoxylin-eosin

Observe the specimen under small and then larger magnification. Mitotic dividing cells are inside the seminiferous tubules on the periphery. Note: do not mistake mitotic cells for those dividing by meiosis.


Fig.: Mitosis in seminiferous tubules of testes.