Research methods in biology - Cell and tissue cultures

TASK 1: Tissue culture

PP: stained kidney tissue culture (monolayer)

Observe and draw rabbit kidney tissue cells.


Fig.: Cells from tissue culture in different phases of mitosis or in interphase.

TASK 2: Work with inversion microscope

NP: adherent cells from cell culture.

Observe adherent cells in cell culture growing in monolayer. Then pour off the medium from the bottle and rinse the cells with phosphate buffered saline and add 2 ml of trypsin. After the trypsinization you can observe loose cells, sometimes in clusters. Gentle shaking the bottle or gentle heating can help to release the cells from the bottom of the cultivation vessel. Add the medium with serum that inhibits the effect of trypsin to protect the cells. Transfer cells floating in the medium to a beaker and observe them under a light inversion microscope. What is the shape of cells now?