Links to interesting internet web pages for study of biology and genetics

Internet links are divided into parts based on its topic. In each link, there is information about title, author and also brief characteristic (if there are photos, videos, animations, interactive materials, games etc.).

General biology - mixture

  • - Sumanas Inc., animations with comment in English e.g. life cycle of retroviruses (HIV), mRNA synthesis, function of polyribosom, protein secretion, meiosis, mitosis, photosynthesis, ovarian cycle, PCR, gel electrophoresis, blotting and hybridisation, DNA microarrays, plasmid cloning, paternity test.
  • - UCMP exhibit hall, fylogenesis (three domains – archea, eubacteria, eukaryote).
  • - Enchanted Learning, pictures for completing the description of cells and microscope
  • - Biological animations, animations – water, lipids, proteins, sugars, enzymes, cell structure, cell division (mitosis, meiosis), metabolism (transport of electrons in mitochondria, transport of electrons in photosynthesis, ATP synthesis), membrane transport (diffuses, uniport, symport, antiport, osmosis, ATP asa, ion channels, secondary active transport).

Magnifying technique

Optic light microscope:

Electron microscope:

Preparation of permanent sample:


Gram staining:


Chemical composition of bioplasma



Non cell form of life


Methods of research in biology

Transport and osmosis

Cell cycle, mitosis and meiosis

Reproduction and development

Movement and irritation

Environmental factors


Drosophila melanogaster:


Genetics, theory: